Door Hardware - "Stuttgart" by Emtek

This is a beautiful set of hardware we just installed. We ordered it through our local hardware store, but called up the manufacturer first to figure the right configuration. They provided us with the right item numbers to order.
Of course they come in different finishes and different details. we chose in this case square mounting plates and a satin nickel finish.

"These stylish door levers and rosettes are constructed of the highest quality materials and cast into spectacular modern designs. Lever and rosette assemblies are provided for both sides of the door. Each lever and rosette is hand polished and expertly finished. Available finishes are Satin Nickel, Polished Chrome, and Oil Rubbed Bronze."


  1. That is beautiful! It is nice to know that you still have time to do it yourself. Some people are too busy with work that's why they just purchase door hard wares online and leave the installation to the experts.

  2. That is beautiful! It is awesome to know that you still have time to do it yourself. Some individuals are too active with perform that's why they just buy entrance difficult products on the internet and keep the set up to the professionals.