Ceiling Fan - "Cirque" by Minka Air

Okay, we have to admit, we found another modern fan that works. We used this one, Cirque by Minka, for three children room's. The soft shapes reduced the children's aprehension against menacing rotary blades. The insets of the padels can be unsrewed. We are going to use this advantage to paint them several colors to match the rooms' decor. The fan comes with a fan control switch. The overall heihgt was surprisingly low and workes well with a 8' ceiling

"The cutting edge design of the MinkaAire Circue pushes boundaries, and rediscovers the artistic balance between art and function. The Cirque features six oval shaped blades, a simple round body, and a built-in halogen light fixture and comes with a full function wall mount remote control that replaces any normal light switch without the need for extra wiring. "

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  1. Are you going to be posting more? Love what you are doing and would like to see more... please. Home Plans