LED Accent Light - "MiniDisc Light" by NSL

Okay tigers, we found quite a neat accent light that we were able to use outside for a modern addition and upfit of ours.  It is a LED light and therefore quite low on its energy usage.  We used it in stone steps and had out mason bore holes into the stone to receive the fixtures. We also installed it in a dark grey, smooth finish, concrete freestanding wall.  It come with a sleeve for these applications that we mounted in the form work of the concrete and behind the stone and had the low voltage cables run prior to pouring the concrete and installing the stone.  these disks come in different colors and also with and without a little nose, a scoop that points the light down. It was perfect for adding a few touches of light to a pathway and the front porch of our project

"Both cover and barrel are die cast aluminum for corrosion protection, strength, weight, and consistency of finish.  Each LED Driver can power up to 100 MiniDisc Lights by parallel wiring ("daisy chain") between fixtures. One wire completes chain. No custom cord required. NOTE: Use LW-18G-CL2 for all in-wall applications. Use LW-18G-BUR for all outdoor and burial applications"

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